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When Creativity meets Everyday Life

On Saturday, a whole new challenge is presented to @TeenSpot - Spotlife and Creative Culture. We explored how a conduct of life in itself can be a creative act by sharing of our creative pathways, which are inspired by our personal and unique contact with the products such as paper cups or stickers.

To echo with the topic - Perseverance, Practice and Creativity, @TeenSpot are required to relate upon their common life experience and decide their own tagline and design layout. But design is never a passive action, communication plays a paramount role in delivering a compelling message behind the visual elements and concepts. Storyboard is recommended for them to lay out how the story is narrated. Joey explained her idea, "Easter is my favourite festival when I can see lovely hares and eggs. I think it would be funny if a hare comes out nowhere from the egg itself."

"They are fast learner, and keen on learning new things. When they got to know that inspiration comes within their life, they began to observe more about the surroundings."

Creativity may not be innate but learned and shared.

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