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Maker Movement is moving into classroom

Maker Movement has recently become a hot topic for schools. Coming to the digital era, the new generation is surfing the tide of the high tech culture. The classroom has turned itself very active to engage students and teachers and encourage them to work on multiple projects simultaneously. It emphasizes making, inventing and creativity. Let's look at how students and teachers from Kang Chiao International School (KCIS) have learnt by DOING!

One of the students had shown us how she made use of Arduino boards and all kinds of tools to compose a programme that makes sound when playing the piano keyboard. Mr Wong, the computing teacher of KCIS, said, "I set a rule for my students, that is - every product they make is unique. They cannot copy from their classmate. Your creativity cannot be sparked if you borrow others' idea."

Back to Hong Kong, a group of students from Pak Kau College had invented a machine that excels at automatically writing the ancient Chinese words. This long-lost technique was being brought back to modern times.

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