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Sunday Special! Creative Teen Market!

The newly established Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups in Hung Shui Kiu, has collaborated with 100FUN to proudly operate its first Creative Teen Market in Hung Shui Kiu yesterday!

Kids could be seen as early as 10am being escorted by their parents to the Market, tucked inside a quiet ambience in the port town.

The event, which was sponsored by HSBC, was fun-packed as 100FUN shared the passion to create the most extraordinary game stalls where fun seekers besiege without wanting to go home!

1) Mirco Bit Line Following Robot

Aptly named, it is a machine that follows a line, either a black line on white surface or vise-versa. For Beginners it is usually their first robot to play with!

Simple yet fun!

2) Makedo

Makedo is a set of customised tools, which is designed to make cardboard construction easy for everyone. Children can unleash their imagination to create anything that suddenly pops up on their mind! It is a way of thinking about play and creativity in an unstructured way. Anything is possible and there is no right or wrong way to reach an outcome!

To our surprise, they made a tunnel and that's their day!

3) Paper Cup DIY

What can you do with a paper cup? 100FUN shows you how to transform these cups! If you look at the shape of paper cup - it actually resembles to that of a traditional loud-speaker or the open mouth of a trumpet. This kind of conical shapes actually are passive sound amplifiers! In the Paper Cup DIY stall, kids express a dying curiosity to explore more on their own!

4) Go-Kart Guru

Kids love fun and excitement. Go-Kart Guru handles very well and accelerates great too when the engine is mounted on it! Kid can get hours and hours of fun time out of this wood go kart for a fraction of what it would cost to make a steel frame.

Mum! I did it!

5) Pop Print with 360

The coming year of 360 photos or videos will usher in new ways to share stories. A 360 camera's ability to capture the essence of a place is not lost on journalists - even a kid knows how to do it! With our POP Printer, the visitors can immediately take a picture and get the memory printed out!

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