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A Knowledge-Rich Sharing by 100FUN

Paul, founder of 100FUN, Dr Choy, an Assistant Professor in the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Waris, founder of Classroom, were invited to be the guest speaker in Maker Faire Taipei 2017. Being the representatives of STEMakers from Hong Kong, they shared their multifarious experience in organizing Maker Faire in Hong Kong and several schools visits. In defining the word "Makers", Paul said, "This word has placed value on an individual's ability to be a creator of things. That kind of thing produced doesn't have to be perfect. The most important thing is, you are happy with your product!"

On the other hand, Dr Choy had provided some interesting observation of Hong Kong people's perception towards Maker Culture.

  • Most Hong Kong people have no concept on a "fair" during which people share their works and knowledge

  • Many teachers have difficulties in understanding why they have to participate in Maker Faire

  • Many teachers do not know what Design is and have never head of Design Thinking

Three speakers agreed that Hong Kong should learn from Taiwan - having a more open-minded attitude towards Maker Movement in education which amplifying the impacts and leading to new possibilities for innovation among students. Maker Faire is never a competition nor business trade show, it places a great emphasis on Share Of Knowledge.


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