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Do It Team with 100FUN!

For the first time in forever, Teen Spotlight@Graphic Design Team is joining our Design Thinking Workshop and is exposed to substantial aspects of the real design world in a fully interactive fashion. Our designers, Rebecca and Jean never shy away from teaching AI and answering any probing questions. “This workshop offers me an intimate and surprising peek into the minds of teenagers - they are insanely creative,” said Jean.

In explaining their design for making Halloween E-card, each group followed the ideas of design thinking to develop a whole set of elements and rationales - they began to ask questions from different viewpoints and relied on a more reader-centric approach. Although they didn’t have any experience in designing posters, they were on the right track after taking part in this workshop. “This experience means a lot to us. Cooperation and team spirit are important because this is not an individual assignment, it’s a WORK,” shared by Jonathan, one of the volunteers from Teen Spotlight.

Do It Yourself is an outdated concept and not fun anymore, join us in the future and be FUN in a team!

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