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New Experience from MR

When teachers do not make engagement, lesson can be made very lame to students. 100FUN has already been spearheading a start - make VR a reality in the classroom. VR is far from belonging to any classrooms standard repertoire in Hong Kong, they are seemingly very exotic, and therefore exciting to students and teachers. There are immense possibilities - instead of reading tedious pictures on textbooks, teachers can take their students on virtual field trips; students can also create interactive 360° images or design immersive VR worlds, they get to share what they actually see in a panoramic view with others! “We are very excited to use such cutting edge technology. It is unusual for us to play in schools or other context,” said one of our students, Cherry. Wearable VR, AR, MR - all make it clear to see that a lot of them aren’t used in the traditional sense anymore!

For more details, don’t hesitate to check out our shopping list @MR3:

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