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Getting a Jumpstart in 100FUN X BSPP!

BSPP programme 2017 is being launched by Education Bureau, which has partnered with a range of business corporation to give students interested in a certain career a head start. In promoting a fun learning job shadowing experience in design and innovation, Pauldesign leads students out of the classroom to gain a wider perspective of the world, and explore their career options earlier.

Many thanks for the overwhelming responses for the job shadowing experience 100FUN offered, we proudly announce that a total amount of 7 students from 3 local schools, will be joining us to develop generic skills and positive working attitudes, and perpetually achieve the goal of whole-person development.

We warmly welcome every one of you to join our programme and workshop. Please be reminded to stay tuned with us on our website and social media for the latest event updates!


Unit 512, InnoCentre, 

72 Tat Chee Ave,

Kowloon Tong


Tel: +852 8102 1610

Fax: +852 8102 1630



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